DevBlog #004 – Road to GDC /2

Time is flying! We are already another week closer to GDC, time for an update on what we’ve been working on.

This week, we’ve spent some time on the most important part for the exhibition: the level selection menu. Our aim was to implement the whole UI of this menu into the game world, so we decided to create a dedicated planet just for choosing the levels. Each level is represented by a portal with a miniature preview of the space garden, the achieved stars floating above it.

Since we’ve already implemented most of the functionality before, this week we went on decorating the planet. It was a lot of fun and we believe it will be even more fun for the players to discover all the small details we’ve added.

Another important feature changing the look of our game is an improvement of the background. We’ve added some nebula and moons and we are very happy how it turned out! What do you think of it? An example of a moon rising behind the trees on our new level selection planet is on the picture above!

Besides the fancy visual improvements, there was also a lot happening behind the scenes: we’ve worked on some camera flight animations, ported the action system to unity and enabled new settings for decoration objects in our level editor. The latter is now allowing us to place rocks, trees or flowers low into the ground or high up in the air and rotate them on all three axis. This may not sound very exciting, but for us it is quite a step forward to create even more unique places!

Last but not least, we started implementing a convention mode, which we will use at the GDC exhibition and other conventions in the future. It will reset the game from time to time and display a gameplay trailer when no-one is playing at the moment. Speaking of gameplay trailers: we’ve just released our first gameplay video on our YouTube channel. Go check it out and let us know, how you like it!

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