DevBlog #005 – Road to GDC /3

Time is flying! Already 2 weeks since the last devblog update and only three weeks before GDC takes place. Concerning the actual game, everything is coming together quite well: we have already 7 finished levels to play-test, the level selection has come pretty far and the main menu starts to look as we had imagined it to be. The last big construction site remaining on our list is the game over scene, where the achieved score is illustrated. The current version does the job, but we definitely have to update the look and feel of it.

Besides the game development, we have intensified our administrative work and started inviting publishers and journalists for meetings at GDC. It’s all very new to us, but we’re confident to get our agenda filled before long.

To enter the final sprint of our Road to GDC appropriately, we decided to have a team weekend, on which all three of us came together for 48 hours. We enjoyed the intense time together (with a lot of play testing, of course) and took some serious steps forward. Aaand we have finally made some official team photos for our PR work.
Meet Team DSG!

left to right: Jonas (Designer, Project Manager), Nicholas (Lead Programmer), Michael (Programmer, Designer)

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