DevBlog #007 – Pitching our game!

GDBAY Online Pitching

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Today, we took part in an online pitching event organized by GDBAY. So let’s have a look on what that is all about and why we participated!

It all began with the cancellation of GDC (Yes, it’s a big deal for us. Yes, I have talked a lot about it. Ok, this is the last time I mention it. Maybe). The week at GDC should have been our pitching marathon and pitching boot camp for all of us and we spent quite some time preparing and polishing our project pitch. We even attended a whole event by ProHelvetia dedicated to pitching.

Instead, we only had a couple of online meetings where we could pitch our game and haven’t really got the great exposure for our game that we were hoping for. But in the same week, GDBAY contacted us and introduced us to their online pitching event.

The idea was, to set up a two-day livestream in which indie developers could apply for a spot to pitch their game, while publishers, investors and journalists could join the livestream and learn about the projects. As we understood, the event was planned way before the whole Sars-CoV situation escalated, but of course was a very welcome alternative to get some audience for our elaborately prepared pitch.

Jonas during the online pitching session.

So today was the big day and right before the event, after exercising for one last time, I was more nervous than I thought I would be. The whole event was held on a Zoom meeting and despite the fact, that I just started using Zoom, all the technical procedures went seamlessly. And after all, the pitch itself went pretty well, too… as far as I can tell.

A big thank you to the organizers at GDBAY. It was a great pleasure to present our game and we found our part in the event very well organized at all times. Another great experience was added to our development journey and we are already looking forward to the next one.

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