DevBlog #010 – Game Over!

While redesigning bits and pieces of our game, the remake of the Game Over screen was at the top of our todos for a long time. The original version was created very early in our development process and it desperately needed a makeover.

First, we did some sketching and tried to figure out, what would be the important information to display and what illustrations and animations would appeal to the players the most. Obviously, it should be rewarding to achieve a new highscore as well as encouraging to try again, if the score wasn’t good enough the first time.

We decided to emphasize the space theme and make the Game Over screen feel like a part of the game world instead of a separate menu. Therefore, instead of changing the scene after the time is up, the camera would now simply fly back, leaving the space garden in the upper left corner. There, the players can still walk through the level and even interact, which we thought would be a nice little feature.

To illustrate the achieved score, we wanted to show the players how many and which plants they had produced, so the main part of the new Game Over screen features three floating platforms, on which all the delivered plants are stacked. After the players have got the score points for the deliveries, the missed orders are deducted and the bonus for fast delivery is added.

Although the functionality of the screen pretty much stayed the same as before, we are convinced that the all new Game Over screen fits the rest of the game look much better! How do you like our redesign?

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