DevBlog #012 – Steam!

Finally! Our steam page is now up and running. Check it out now and go wishlist Deep Space Gardening! Wishlisting our game will notify you as soon as we will release it and at the same time supports our project a lot. Win – win! (and please don’t get annoyed when we remind all of you to wishlist the game from time to time in the upcoming weeks)

Link to our Steam page:

The reason that we haven’t set up the page earlier was that we were unsure about later transferring the page to a publisher or to our not yet founded company. But as we repeatedly got the strong recommendation to get Steam wishlisting up and running as soon as possible, we found a Steam comment saying that transfering the page at a later stage would be no problem at all. After that, the only things left to do were creating correctly sized images and entering some basic information about the game, followed by a short period of verification by Steam. And here we go!

Wishlist Deep Space Gardening now!

Since this was by far the most important announcement of this week, that’s about it for this blog post. We are currently working on new game modes and an update of the character selection. We will show you what that is all about as soon as possible here on the blog. Make sure to follow us on twitter to always keep up on our development progress!

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