DevBlog #013 – Keep it safe!

From the start of development, it was clear for us that we wanted to implement the functionality to create different savegames so you could start all over again (when for example playing with a new group of friends) without losing the previous progress. It‘s a pretty standard feature for a game like ours, but we think we chose a not-that-standard approach to implement it and that is why we dedicate this blog post to that topic.

The savegame menu is accessible through the main menu at the front door of the professor‘s house, from where you can access all the game modes as well as the settings and credits. We decided to take advantage of our menu design which is integrated into the game world (when choosing a game mode, the door opens and you walk out on the chosen level selection planet). Therefore the savegame menu is represented by a shelf with a VHS player on it, where the VHS cassettes on the shelf represent the savegames. This design choice also fits our cross-over of a futuristic setting combined with classic technologies.

To select a different savegame, you can switch through the cassettes, which are labeled with key information for each savegame, like the date last played and its star count. When you choose a savegame, it will float to the VHS player and be inserted right after ejecting the current savegame from the cassette slot. However, our favourite animation of this menu is actually the one for deleting a savegame: the cassette will be thrown down of the shelf, probably forming a huge pile on the house floor (which is not shown though).

This short demo video shows the savegame menu in action.

In the end, what really brought the scene to life were the sounds, which we recently decided to get custom made by the two wonderful artists who are also writing our soundtracks – Mathilde and Felix. Speaking of them, we will have an extensive blog post about our music and sounds soon!

On a side note: we had some problems with our wordpress website lately, which is why we had to skip last week‘s blog post. However, as you can see the blog is up and running again and also the rest of the website is back to working properly.

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